California E-Bike Incentive Project

Here at Iconic Ebikes, we’re looking forward to the rollout of one of the biggest E-bike campaigns the US has ever seen. As a registered retailer, we’re playing our part, offering the latest range of approved E-bikes and accessories that can be purchased with the California E-Bike Incentive voucher.


What is the California E-Bike Incentive Project?

At its core, the California E-Bike Incentive Project is a $10 million program aimed at providing incentives to California residents, making e-bikes more accessible and affordable. The visionary project was born out of the collective efforts of environmental advocates, policy makers, and bicycle enthusiasts who understand the pivotal role e-bikes can play in reducing carbon emissions and fostering a healthier lifestyle.


California E-Bike Incentive Program Highlights;

- The launch date has yet to be announced but is expected to be some time in 2024.

- The pilot program is limited to Californians living at or below 300% of the federal poverty level.

- The voucher amount will likely be $1,000, with an extra $750 for a cargo or adaptive bike, and $250 additional for people below 225% FPL or living in a disadvantaged census tract.

- Incentives are limited to one per person. There is no limit per household.

- Applying for the incentive is simple and straight-forward.

- Iconic Ebikes will be taking part in the program as a registered ebike seller.


If you’d like to know more, we go into more detail below …


The California E-Bike Incentive Project is funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB’s mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological

resources through effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering effects on the economy.


Understanding the Vision: 

At its core, the California E-Bike Incentive Project is a program aimed at providing incentives to California residents, making e-bikes more accessible and affordable. The visionary project was born out of the collective efforts of environmental advocates, policy makers, and bicycle enthusiasts who understand the pivotal role e-bikes can play in reducing carbon emissions and fostering a healthier lifestyle.


When do Customer Applications Open?

We expect the program to begin accepting consumer applications in early or mid-2024. According to official statements, they are currently still in the process of growing their retailer network to ensure that there is a robust supply of retailers that will have electric bikes (e-bikes) available for purchase throughout the state. As of now retailer applications are open and the training of approved dealers on the voucher process is set to start soon.


Who is Eligible for The California E-Bike Incentive?

The official California E-Bike Incentive Project website outlines their eligibility criteria, which we have also shared below.


· All Californian residents 18 years or older

All you’ll need as proof is your California Driver’s License, California AB 60 License, or California ID Card. 

· Residents of households with gross income of 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or less

Your gross annual income of your household will be calculated and used to determine your eligibility.

· Those who complete the online application form

This process, which includes residency verification, income verification and education/safety training requirements, may take up to 3 months depending on the speed at which steps are completed by applicants and program processing times.


Other requirements:

· Purchase the bike within 90 days of incentive award.

· Own the bike for one year.

· Take a 30-minute bike safety education class online.


What is the maximum qualifying gross household income for eligibility?

The official California E-Bike Incentive Project website contains a table which outlines maximum qualifying gross household income for eligibility.


What Can be Purchased with a Voucher?

· Your choice of eligible e-bike.

· Accessories: Helmets, Locks, Fenders, Racks, Reflective Clothing.

· The cost for at-home assembly of the ebike

· Any sales tax associated with eligible purchases.


Note: The additional eligible items must be purchased at the same time as an eligible e-bike from an approved retailer.


Step-by-step How to Apply for California E-Bike Voucher

1. Create a login with your full name, valid email address, and password.

2. Fill out the online application, including basic information.

3. Verify California residency and age by uploading your driver's license or state ID.

4. Complete income verification by uploading necessary documents or E-signing Form 4506-T.

5. Submit the application with a required terms and conditions signature.

6. Respond promptly to follow-up emails and provide any requested information within the specified timeframe.


Upon approval, applicants will receive an email with:

· Approval notification and incentive amount

· Link to mandatory safety and environmental impact trainings

· Incentive voucher code


Vouchers must be redeemed within 45 days of approval. An extension of 45 days is possible if an e-bike is unavailable. Eligible e-bike criteria and approved retailer information will be provided via email. Ineligible applicants will receive an email with instructions to resubmit required information or a notification of ineligibility based on program requirements."


How do you Redeem your Voucher?

To redeem your voucher, choose a new eligible e-bike from the list of approved California retailers, which you can find on the Approved Retailer Map. The list may be subject to change as the program continues to develop. When you’ve selected your retailer, you can then choose the e-bike that suits your lifestyle by exploring options and learning more about electric bikes. After purchase, retailers will submit documentation for reimbursement. Please bring your approval notification, voucher, and ID when shopping.


Note: Be sure the selected e-bike meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the e-bike eligibility checklist.


Fulfilling the Online Program's Educational Prerequisites

Before purchasing an e-bike through the voucher process, applicants must complete training covering essential topics, including e-bike ownership basics, safe storage, battery charging, maintenance, riding safety, and environmental impact.


Complete required surveys

Accepted applicants will have to take part in an initial participation survey with the approval notification and a second survey one year after voucher redemption. These surveys help identify program improvements and track impacts on equity, mobility, and GHG emissions.


What Kinds of Bikes Qualify for Incentives?

You can use the incentive to buy any type of e-bike, including a folding bike, cargo bike, or adaptive e-bike. All three classes of e-bikes will be eligible for the program. However, you will need to purchase from a list of approved e-bike models.


· Cargo E-Bikes

· Adaptive E-Bikes

· Class 1-3 E-Bikes

Class 1: pedal assist only, 20 mph speed limited — will qualify for the program

Class 2: pedal assist or throttle, 20 mph speed limited — will qualify for the program

Class 3: pedal assist only, 28 mph speed limited, helmets required – will qualify for the program


Note: To be eligible for the incentive program, bicycles must come equipped with pedals, belong to one of the specified three classifications, and be available through an approved retailer. Please note that other electric mobility devices, such as scooters and mopeds, do not qualify for the program.


Which types of e-bikes are not eligible?

Used e-bikes. E-bike conversion kits. Bikes modified with e-bike conversion kits. E-bikes outside of the 3 class system. E-bikes without integrated lights. Scooters and Mopeds.


How long does it take to get an e-bike incentive?

We can’t be sure (yet) how long it will take to process and complete and application, but it will involve income verification and then finding an eligible bike vendor, so plan on at least a few weeks or possibly longer.


How are Vouchers Distributed?

Incentive funds will be distributed through an online, first-come, first-served application process with a hybrid needs-based approach. Approved participants will use the incentive voucher at the point of sale when purchasing a new e-bike from approved retailers.


Registered Retailers

Numerous listed retailers across California are participating in the program. Here at Iconic Ebikes, we’re proud to announce our affiliation with the program. We’ll be following any developments about the incentive program closely and keeping you updated. So, if you’d like to know first when the program is set to officially launch, be sure to add your email below to

join our email list and we’ll keep you posted as the e-bike incentive timeline gets close to launching.



The California E-Bike Incentive Project stands as a testament to the state's commitment to environmental sustainability, innovation, and accessibility. By incentivizing the adoption of e-bikes, California is not just encouraging a shift in personal transportation but also paving the way for a future where clean, efficient, and healthy commuting is the norm, and we at Iconic E-Bikes would like to support that. As the program unfolds, it is poised to become a model for other regions looking to embrace eco-friendly alternatives and transform the way we move. Be sure to check back in for updates as we follow the rollout of the exciting program.

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