We started this company because we believe in the power of ebikes—and in what they can do for people.
At Iconic EBikes we are passionate about creating quality ebikes that are built for style and utility. We want to help you get where you're going faster, safer, and with less hassle.
Ebikes lower emissions, help you get fit, and save you money on gas. They're also a blast to ride—and it's hard not to feel like a kid again when you're zipping down the street at 20 mph.
We love that ebikes lower emissions and have health benefits, but we also love that they help families spend more time together. They're perfect for those who want to explore, or even just get around quickly without having to worry about traffic or parking.
We believe in helping people live healthier lives by making it easier for them to get around town on an eco-friendly vehicle that's also fun and easy to use.
Our bikes are designed with safety in mind, but they're also stylish enough that you'll want to show them off while having an ICONIC day!
Our Mission

Iconic Ebikes is focused on premium retro and classic style e-bikes, setting ourselves apart from the typical market. We offer a unique and stylish alternative to the status quo, with e-bikes that not only perform exceptionally well, but also embody an exciting and cool aesthetic. Our focus on design and functionality allows us to cater to customers who are looking for an e-bike that not only meets their needs, but also reflects their personal style.


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