Ebike Locks – A great Investment To Protect Your Ebike

More than 2 million bicycles are stolen every year in North America, and less than 5 percent of them are recovered. Let that sink in for a moment and ask yourself, “Should I invest in a good lock” for my ebike?  The answer is a definite “Yes”.  Let’s find out below, How to Protect your Investment with Ebike Lock.

E-bikes are cool, and they attract a lot of attention.  Thieves are out there ( everywhere ) and will go for your bike when you are not expecting it.  It only takes a few seconds for an experienced thief to steal your ebike.  So, to defend against the common ebike thief, you need to invest in a lock that will deter them from selecting your bike as their target.  This means you need a lock that will defend against bolt cutters and angle grinders.  Most people will buy a lock because it’s a “good deal” but what they don’t realize is that “good deal” lock just got their bike stolen.

Make sure to protect your ebike investment with the right lock for the area, and the amount of time you are leaving your bike unattended.  We have done our own vetting and have a few good options for you to consider here to protect your ebikes.

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