Ebike Transportation and Racks

Now that you have your ebike, you will definitely want to take it places to experience new adventures.  Getting your bike there may be a challenge for some who don’t have an open truck bed to use. Let’s see below more details about Ebike Transportation and Racks.

Ebike Transportation and Racks

When considering Ebike Transportation and racks, weight capacity is going to be one of the main criteria you will want to consider. Unlike typical bikes, ebikes can range from 50lbs to 90lbs depending on the model and number of batteries.  You will also want to consider the number of ebikes you will be transporting and the size of the tire on your ebike. Most bike racks are not made for “Fat Tire” ebikes so make sure you select the right rack if you have fat tire ebikes measuring up to or over 4 inches in width.

So, after you have nailed down the weight and type of your ebike/s, you will want to consider what type of vehicle you are connecting it to and what type of hitch it has to receive your new ebike rack.  Due to the weight of ebikes, you will most likely want to look for a good-fit hitch mount to transport your ebikes.   Every hitch mount will have a “per bike weight capacity” that you will want to pay close attention to. 

Be sure not to under spec the amount of weight your rack can carry, or you may see your bikes in the rearview mirror bouncing across the road.

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